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Apollo Environmental Services offers professional pest control in Bridgwater and Somerset for domestic, commercial and agricultural customers. Whether it’s rodents, birds or insect infestations we can help. To arrange an appointment please call today, for general enquiries either call or send an email. Apollo Environmental Services is based in Bridgwater and serves across Somerset.

Rodent Control

Are you looking for an expert to prevent rodent infestation in your property? Contact the specialist at Apollo Environmental Services. We can control rats and mice and many more, which may be inhabiting your property. Based in Bridgwater, we serve customers throughout Somerset.

Rat Control

The control of rats is becoming one of the main jobs that we carry out and with fortnightly refuse collection a regular practice, and no central control plans, we feel that it is going to remain a major part of our activity.

Generally, rat control is simple and quick, their habits lending themselves to easy control. However, as working out how they got in, and where they came from, is often much harder, this is where experience counts. It may make the difference between having one infestation and having repeated trouble.

Of course, places like farms are always going to require repeated visits to keep all types of pests under control. The population of rats and mice continues to increase in both the countryside and in our towns, even low risk sites can have constant rat trouble.

Mouse Removal

We always regard mice as the smarter of the rodents we deal with. They do everything very quickly. They move fast, they breed fast, and they learn fast. We know a couple who placed a live trap in their kitchen. Two mice were caught which were duly released to the back garden. Nothing happened for a few days, then the bait in the trap started disappearing, although there was no mouse in the trap.

After a few days of this, the lady of the house, walked into the kitchen to see two mice, one holding the trap door open, the other removing the food inside. It was at that point that they decided to contact us.

Squirrel Control

The grey squirrel is an import from the good old USA and can eat a super-sized meal in the American way. It does things bigger and better than its natural rival the red squirrel. This is why in true American style it has taken over everywhere and caused a lot of trouble on the way. They look furry and cuddly, almost cute, and you may even be feeding them right up to the point when they get into your loft space and chew your wiring to shreds, play football above your head at four in the morning and remove every bulb you have lovingly planted in your garden.

Oh yes, they also damage millions of trees every year at vast expense to the Forestry Commission. We have one customer who spent £25,000 on his own personal arboretum, only to lose every tree to squirrels, ring barking the lot. Within a two-acre garden we caught 60 squirrels over a period of three months.

Control can be exercised in a number of ways. Trapping, shooting and poisoning are the most common methods, although we should point out that with all three of these methods there are laws to be observed, so do not start blasting and throwing poison everywhere as you may end up having your collar felt.

Traps must be checked regularly. If you ask us to control your squirrels, we will generally live trap them and dispatch them once caught. If you want to know more about the rules and regulations regarding the control of squirrels, it would be best to give us a call, as they are long winded to explain in writing but fairly simple to talk about.

Bird Control

Are you looking for an expert to install bird netting on your property? Contact the specialists at Apollo Environmental Services. We can control birds such as starlings, seagulls and many more, which may be inhabiting your property. Based in Bridgwater, we serve customers throughout Somerset.

Bird Netting and Control

There are now many products on the market with which to proof your buildings against birds and we would need a separate website to list them all.

There are some photos of the work we have done and some of the work we definitely didn’t do. Bird proofing ,such as bird netting, is often very difficult to get right and very easy to get wrong.

There are various laws to be considered before you start any type of work. Walk down any high street in the land and look up and you’ll see every type of proofing measure there is. A lot of it will be poorly fitted and ill-conceived.

All the proofing we carry out is guaranteed for one year and will be designed, for easy repair and maintenance, allowing access to roofs and gutters etc. Again, there is no charge to give a quotation or advice on any problem you may have.

Keeping Your Property Safe and Insect-free

There are so many insects in this great land of ours that listing them all would be difficult and confusing. The main ones that cause trouble at the moment are fleas, bedbugs, cluster flies and clothes moths. Of course, we deal with all types of insect infestation and we have found, over the years, that the type of insect at the top of the list changes.

We could not say if this is due to global warming or that a wet or dry summer suits one type of insect over another. All we can say is that the top runner at the moment is the cluster fly, hotly pursued by the clothes moth, who has made a bit of a comeback after four or five years in the second division. The humble flea is far less common now, but we are sure this is down to modern treatments for pets, which have improved over the past few years.

“Where is the cockroach?” We hear you ask. Well, he is very much under control, or at least he is on my patch. The treatment for the roach is now so good that we can almost cure the problem faster than we can clear rats. 

Wasp Removal

A wasp nest can be highly dangerous to people who are allergic to their stings. At Apollo Environmental Services in Bridgwater, we offer efficient wasp removal services for both domestic, commercial and agricultural premises in Somerset.

Efficient Wasp Removal

Wasps are a seasonal pest and although they come out of hibernation early in the spring, it will be the end of June before they really get going. We have made a detailed study of wasps and could fill pages and pages with information about them. For us they are fascinating insects.

Most people think they have no purpose and only seem to buzz around stinging everything they can. In fact, they are the top gun of the flying insects, able to catch flies on the wing by landing on the flies’ backs. They sting to kill their prey and they have a set of jaws that can chew through wood and slice up your ham sandwich with the greatest of ease.

They are very organised and efficient and they have great building skills. If you have been lucky enough to see a wasps’ nest you will know what we mean. Control is fairly simple. All you have to do is walk up to the nest and fill it with insecticide. However, please bear in mind that a full-sized wasps’ nest will contain anything between 15 and 25 thousand wasps and there are wasps dedicated to guarding the nest. When people watch us treat a nest, they sometimes comment that it looks easy and does not take long. To a point they are right, but we have specialised equipment and sound knowledge of what we are doing and that makes it look easy. We also have a beekeeper’s veil, which means if we do miss the first time, we are not vulnerable to two thousand wasps trying to have a piece of us. Yes, we do get stung sometimes and it is always embarrassing. We have never been stung while treating a nest; it always seems to happen afterwards, mainly when we are standing on your doorstep writing out the invoice, or as we drive off down the road.

Clothes Moth Control

The clothes moth likes nothing better than to chew your best Axminster or Wilton carpet, although it is not fussy and any old wool carpet will do.

They will be found in the one area you never look and by the time they appear in the area of carpet you can see, the damage has been done. If you think you have moths, look under the sideboard, sofa, bookshelf or whatever has not been moved for the last ten years. It is most common for them to start at the outside of the room but on occasion they can be found under the rug in the middle of the room. Treatment will involve moving all furniture, spraying the carpet with an insecticide, returning the furniture, and checking for pupae and eggs in cracks and crevices.

Again, experience helps in knowing where to look. You could do a treatment yourself, but the treatment costs are not high and again you could spend more on cans of spray than we will charge you. That £15.00 can of spray may treat ten square metres but this will not go far if you have a whole floor to treat.

Bedbug Removal

The first thing to say about bedbugs is that if you do have them, it has little to do with personal or domestic hygiene. They would as quickly infest a royal palace as a pig sty. They do not fly and have to be transported from host to host. For example, if you go and stay in a hotel that is infested, one or two bugs may make it into your luggage.

You inadvertently transport them home, unpack them in your bedroom, and they are off. The first sign that they are present will probably be one or two bites on your body, but these will rapidly increase until you are covered. You may start to see spots of blood on your bed sheets and bugs crawling around. If you look under the mattress and into the frame of the bed, you will see more blood spots and clusters of bedbugs, especially around the joints of the bed frame. They will also infest electrical items like your alarm clock or try to get behind wallpaper and under the carpet. The longer they are present, the more places they will get into.

The treatment consists of spraying insecticide into every area around the bed and treating the bed frame if possible. Where the infestation is heavy it is advisable to dispose of the bed completely but not to buy a new one until the bedbugs have been treated successfully.

Bedbugs go through five nymphal stages and will vary in size depending on how many stages they have been through. They can be from 1.3mm to 3.7mm long and can easily be seen with the naked eye. They will live for between 9 and 18 months and appear flat, brown and disc shaped.

Cluster Fly Control

The cluster fly is now a very common problem. There are about four or five types of cluster fly that regularly infest homes and offices. The main cluster fly is in fact a parasite of the earthworm and will spend the whole of the summer outside laying its eggs all over the land around you. This is why you very rarely get them in large towns and cities as there is not enough grass.

In the autumn they start to move into buildings to hibernate for the winter. They will generally infest the loft spaces and top floors, getting into every tiny crack and crevice they can, to seek shelter from the frost of winter. They cluster together in sometimes huge groups, hence the name. They will normally be found on the south side of the building or areas that get the most sun. Treatment is fairly simple as long as there is good access to the areas infested.

For example, a loft space would be very easy to treat; a loft space that had been converted would be more difficult. There is no effective control you can carry out yourselves as one tin of fly spray is not going to fill your loft space with enough insecticide to kill all the flies. However, the treatment for cluster fly is not normally expensive. In most cases it would cost you more in cans of fly spray than it would to call us out.

Flea Control

Shooting the dog or running over the cat is not the answer, as you may find the wife or the kids a little distressed at the loss of the family pet.

The first step is to go to your vet and purchase a good flea treatment. You can now use the saved bullet to shoot the vet as he emptied your savings account and all you have to show for it is three or four tiny little capsules.

Once these have been applied and you have evaded arrest, you can go home and hoover the hell out of your house, paying particular attention to the areas where the pet spends most of its time.

You will also need to clean down the back of the sofa and armchairs and any other area where there is a build-up of dust and organic debris, as this is where the fleas lay their eggs and where the larvae will feed.

Then you call us, and we will do the rest. Fleas can be tricky to get rid of if the treatment is not thorough.

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